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BLM Documents

2011 Closure Map - 500 KB PDF file

2011 Federal Register Notice - 200 KB PDF file

2011 BLM Note re:50,000 Population cap - 100 KB PDF file

2011 Stipulations - 293 KB PDF file

2011 Burning Man Operating Plan - 1.4 MB PDF file

2011 Record of Decision (ROD) - 0.7 MB PDF file

2011 Determination of NEPA Analysis (DNA) - 10 MB PDF file

2011 Interested Parties Letter - 70 KB PDF file

Press Release

Spatial-Ed's Comments & Concerns for Burning Man events 2011 and forward

Comment letter from  Spatial - Ed to BLM

Stipulation Monitoring Reports for Burning Man 2006-08

BM08 (9.47 MB)

BM07 (5.61 MB)

BM06 Poster (1.5 MB)


Added note from Spatial-Ed: The Dec 2010 call for comments was only the first step in the NEPA process which requests input from the public to define potential issues for consideration in issuing the event permit.

The NEPA process is designed to fulfill the federal mandate to review all proposed actions on the public lands and meet the BLM mission which is to balance the public's enjoyment of the public lands while protecting the natural resources.

Click on these links to learn more about NEPA and the BLM mission