Why Geodatabases? Print

INFORMATION is the heart of a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Geodatabases store not only the locations but the facts about each location.  It is this data and its analysis that makes GIS such a powerful tool.

The advantages of a GDB for mobile computing

Mobile computing is the integration of a number of technologies and resources including

  • Mobile device
  • GPS receiver
  • Wireless communication
  • GPS data collection software
  • GIS software
  • Geospatial data

    By combining these, users are able to take portions of GIS data from the office to the field for reference or editing. New features or edits to existing features are then brought back into GIS where analysis and map products can be made.

    Mobile computing capabilities of the GDB

    While geodatabases are complex entities, this site aims to cover only components and capabilities relevant to data collection and update with the pseronal GDB (pGDB).  These are -

    • Data check-in / check-out
    • Validated data entry and editing