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Differential correction with NA2011 and the newest epoch of NAD83

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Trimble Positions software has replaced Trimble GPS Analyst in ArcGIS 10.1

ALASKA GPS and GIS users - check out Joel Cusick's Datum and Projections presentation Feb 2013

ArcGIS 10.1 - New and Cool improvements see Presentation from Melita Kennedy, ESRI : Projections and Datums Dec 2012

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A geodatabase is a central storage location for features, related datasets and behaviors.

They consist of the following components –

Components of GDB_1

Feature dataset

An organizational group of feature classes that share a common spatial reference.

Feature classes

A storage location for coordinates and feature attributes. Feature classes of the geometry type point, line or polygon.  Attributes store inforamtion about these locations.


These are the questions you ask about a location (feature). Attribute fields are where attribute values are stored. They are properties of a feature class and are of the data type short integer, long integer, float, double, text, date, blob or guid. Attribute values are the possible answers to those questions


Domains are the range or set of possible answers or attribute values for a feature class.  They are critical in enforcing data integrity. Domains are of the domain type range or coded value.  Note, although domains are properties of the geodatabase, they do not appear in the ArcCatalog tree.

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1 What is a Geodatabase?
2 Why Geodatabases?
3 Geodatabase Components
4 Geodatabase Concepts & Types
5 Designing a Geodatabase
6 Geodatabase Backdoors
7 Geodatabase Feature Datasets defined
8 Geodatabase Feature Classes defined
9 Geodatabase Domains defined
10 Range Domains defined
11 Coded Value Domains defined
12 Trimble GPS Analyst: GPS data in a Geodatabase