Coded Value Domains defined Print

The coded value domain specifies a valid set of values for an attribute.

Coded value domains allow you to choose attribute values from a drop-down menu rather than entering character-by-character text.  Since tapping the mobile device virtual keyboard with complete accuracy is somewhat challenging, use coded values to ensure accurate data entry whenever possible.

Domains tab of the Properties window for a coded value domain


Domain Name

The first Domain Name is Condition. This geodatabase domain will be used for the set of valid attribute values for a feature class attribute named Condition.  The Description for this domain is in the next column.

The Domain Properties

The Field Type for this domain is Text.  The feature class attribute named Condition is of the data type Text.  The Domain Type for this domain is Coded Values.

Coded Values

The Coded Values can be viewed for the selected domain at the bottom of the window.

Code lists the possible attribute values that will be stored in the attribute table.

Description for each coded value is in the next column. This is the text that is displayed on the mobile device while collecting data in the field.  Note, here the Code and the Description were the same. This does not have to be the case. For example, the land use code RES could have been entered in the Code column and the Description of Residential decodes the meaning into meaningful everyday language.

Data Collection

For this attribute, ArcPad prompts you to choose from a list of possible attribute values; the choices in the drop-down menu are those listed in the Description column.

The Advantages of Coded Values

Not only does a drop-down menu ensure that everything is spelled or abbreviated correctly, but using a coded value domain ensures all users provide answers from a common set of valid attribute values.  Since domains are properties of the geodatabase, a single domain can be used for multiple feature classes within the geodatabase. In this geodatabase, the Condition domain was used to record the Condition for all 3 feature classes: light pole, sidewalk and parking lot.

Note: It is not necessary to specify a domain for all coded values domains. A feature class type of without a specified domain will allow users to enter free-from text.  A generic comment field is a common example of this.