Step 1: Create the Geodatabase Print

A geodatabase is a central storage location for features, related datasets and behaviors.

We will start by creating a geodatabase named Training_Day1.mdb


1. To create a new folder called ArcPad Training

Start ArcCatalog

The left panel of ArcCatalog is the ArcCatalog tree

In the ArcCatalog tree, right-click on C:\ArcGIS

Choose New / Folder


Name the folder ArcPad_Training

2. To create a personal geodatabase named Training_Day1.mdb

Right-click on the ArcPad_Training folder

Choose New / Personal Geodatabase


Name the Geodatabase Training_Day1.mdb

Note the geodatabase button and its .mdb file extension



Geodatabase names must begin with a letter, cannot contain spaces or special characters (such as #, @, or *), and has a maximum length of 31 characters.

3. To view the properties of the geodatabase

Right-click on the geodatabase and choose Properties

Click on the General tab


Note the Filename and Path where your geodatabase is stored


This is a Personal Geodatabase and is of ArcGIS version 9.2

4. To view the domains of this geodatabase

Click on the Domains tab

Currently, there are no domains listed in the top portion of the window.

We will return to this tab to create the domains after we create the feature datasets and classes for this exercise.

Click OK

You have now created the personal geodatabase Training_Day1.mdb.

In the next step, we will create a feature dataset for this geodatabase.