Step 2: Create the Feature Dataset Print

A feature dataset is an organizational group of related feature classes that share a common coordinate system and extent.


We will start by create a feature dataset called GPS Features.




1. To create a new feature dataset called GPS Features

Right-click on Training_Day 1.mdb

Choose New / Feature Dataset


The Feature Dataset dialog box opens

Name the feature dataset GPS Features

Click Next

2. To select the WGS 1984 Geographic Coordinate System for this feature dataset

Navigate to and select Geographic Coordinate System / World / WGS 1984


Click Next to continue

Click Next to leave the Vertical Coordinate System unspecified

Click Finish to accept the default tolerances and complete the creation of the feature dataset

3. To view the result of your efforts

In ArcCatalog, view the feature dataset button and its hierarchy within the geodatabase

You have now created the GPS Feature feature dataset

In the next step, we will create the feature classes for this feature dataset.


To display frequently used coordinate systems at the top of the list in the wizard rather than navigating down through the tree.

From the ArcCatalog menu bar, choose Tools / Options

Click on the General tab

Check the box next to the Coordinate Systems folder if needed

In the ArcCatalog tree, drag and drop (or copy and paste) the coordinate system(s) used most frequently into the top level Coordinate Systems folder.