Step 5: Pair Geodatabase domains with Feature Classes Print

In this step, you will pair the questions (feature class fields) with the valid answers (geodatabase domains) as shown.


1. To specify domains for the Light_Pole attribute of Height_Feet

Attribute fields are a property of the feature class.

In the ArcCatalog tree, right-click on the Light_Pole feature class and choose Properties


Click on the Fields tab

Click on the Field Name Height_Feet

In the Field Properties at the bottom of the window, click on the empty box beside Domain

Since the feature class Height_Feet is of the type Short Integer, only the domains of the type Short Integer appear as choices in the drop down list. This is why the field type of a domain MUST MATCH the data type of a feature class to be used for that feature class.

Choose the domain Height_Feet


i. Continue to specify domains for Wattage, Pole_Material and Condition for the light poles.  You may enter Aliases and Default Values, and specify Allow Null Values as you wish.

ii. To complete the specifications for the GPS_Date and Comment attributes, domains are not necessary.  However, for the Comment field, enter a Length, which specifies the number of characters that can be entered in the field.  Make this as small as possible since larger values require more storage space in the geodatabase.

iii. Specify domains for the Sidewalk and Parking Lot feature classes. The domains indicated in gray are used for multiple feature classes.



As a property of the geodatabase, domains can be used for multiple feature classes. Keep this in mind when designing your own geodatabase for maximizing efficiency and standardizing data entry whenever possible.


Congratulations !

Your geodatabase is now built and should look similar to that shown with Light_Pole, Sidewalk, Parking_Lot and the 3 Generic feature classes we built together.

You will also have the 3 feature classes that you designed on your own.  In this screenshot, these are Tree, Trail and Building.