ArcPad: Where's the Beep? Print

The first thing ArcPad users ask is: "How do I know I am collecting data?"

These easy instructions guide you in the installation of a small applet to enable ArcPad-users to beep while GPS positions are being recorded for features.  This helps ArcPad users know when the software is actively collecting data. It also makes the ArcPad learning curve a little less steep for those coming to ArcPad from a TerraSync background.

Installation instructions

1. Download the BEEP script  for ArcPad 7.1 or ArcPad 8.0

2. In the ArcPad, the applets path must be : Tools -> Options -> Paths Tab  This verifies that ArcPad will look for the Sounds.apa applet in the correct location.

3. Exit out of ArcPad (File/Exit)

Make sure the software is not just minimized but truly not running

4. Unzip the attached zip file

5. Connect mobile device to desktop/laptop via ActiveSync

6. Copy the 2 .wav files and the  .apa applet file to this mobile device path: \ProgramFiles\ArcPad\Applets

7. Restart ArcPad

8.  Turned up the volume to hear the effects of this script


Many thanks to Chad Minteer, Electronic Data Solutions, for the script and its free distribution.