Distributing Visitor Information with GeoBOOK (2007) Print

An interactive map to communicate visitor information via a Sanborn GEOBOOK

Sanborn's GeoBook is an interactive map format, which allow users not only to pan, zoom and measure items on the map, but behind each map locations tables of data canbe associated and analyzed. Also available are images, word documents, spreadsheets and Internet accessible updates as provided by the CD author. 

The GeoBook will display any files for which the users computer has the supporting software.


The Black Rock country is primitive, vast and remote -- a good place to “know before you go.” You can do that with a free CD, the Black Rock NCA eBook. It is loaded with information using a variety of media including interactive maps, videos and photos. You’ll also learn safety and survival tips, and find out the locations and services available in gateway communities.


Spatial-Ed played a minor role on this project as a contributor of content.  We wish to feature Sanborn's GEOBOOK(r) Author here to showcase the capabilities the software with which this product was created.  For more about Sanborn, please visit http://www.sanborn.com/products/GEOBOOK.asp.  Those new to GIS are encouraged to view the interactive maps and GIS-capabilities offered by the eBook.  Contact us for a free copy the Learning to Use Geographic Data eBook, which was created by the BLM Geospatial Technologies Team.

The Black Rock eBook is free and can be requested from the BLM via http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/wfo/blm_programs/planning/Black_Rock_Desert High_Rock_Canyon_Emigrant_Trails_National_Conservation_Area/Black_Rock_Desert-High_Rock_Canyon_Emigrant_Trails_National_Conservation_Area.html