Mapping & Photo-Inventorying the Lund Forest (2005) Print

Integrating RICOH GPS cameras, Trimble GPS devices & ESRI ArcGIS

Over 200 petrified tree stumps were inventoried with geo-tagged photos and Trimble GPS units.  Monitoring will continue to record ongoing trespass and document damage in the Lund Petrified Forest in Northern Nevada.


Fossil forests with petrified trees still standing or lying in place are rare.  This project describes mapping support offered by BLM to assist Paleobotanist Diane Erwin and her UC Berkeley team to inventory over 200 petrified tree stumps and monitor damage within the Lund Petrified Forest in northern Nevada.  The project aims to develop a plan to preserve the trees for research and recreation by developing means to minimize the effects of freeze/thaw weathering, uprooting of stumps from the overgrowth of vegetation, and unauthorized collecting

Chosen Tools & Their Benefits
ArcGIS, Trimble GPS and GPS-enabled photos were used to locate and photo document over 200 petrified tree stumps.