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July 2012: Appeal filed for recent BLM-issued Burning Man permit - details here

June 2012: Burning Man 2012 EA finalized by BLM - details here

Spatial-Ed's observations and analysis of impacts for Burning Man 2012 - Burning Thoughts 2012

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Special Recreation Permit (SRP) for Motorcycle Races PDF Print E-mail

 Many of our projects are in the government realm.  It is easy to become immersed in the federal world of Acronyms.  Here are a few bits from the alphabet soup and how they fit into our showcased projects.

SRP - Special Recreation Permit

Proposed fun on the public land might warrant a permit.  Review BLM's site for the official requirements but generally speaking, large commercial, competitive and advertised events need a permit.

SRP Stipulations

Stipulations allow for events to be held on the public lands but only under certain conditions.

Race stipulations for common to all NV BLM offices

166 KB PDF file

NEPA process to create the SRP and its stipulations

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

The NEPA process is designed to review proposed actions on the public lands and ensure the balance of the public's enjoyment of the public lands while protecting the natural resources.

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

For really big projects like corporate gold mine or installing hundreds of miles of pipeline, BLM's comprehensive review of all possible impacts as prescribed by the NEPA review process.  The EIS the final document of these findings.

EA - Environmental Assessment

For smaller projects like motorcycle races, a fair review can be made with less involvement than an EIS.   Like with an EIS, the BLM holds meetings and solicits comments from the public when starting an EIS/EA, and again upon the publication of a draft EA.

The previous race routes dataset was initiated ten years ago, to describe general route locations and identify areas by which races would be permitted rather than specific linear routes.   Our 2009 report recommended reviving these efforts.

FONSI - Finding of No Significant Impact

The BLM finds that a proposed action turns out to be ok and will leave no significant  impact to the public lands.

ROD - Record of Decision

The results of the EIS/EA review

BLM - Bureau of Land Management

The federal agency that manages the public lands, which are primarily in the Western US.

Approximately two-thirds of the land in Nevada is BLM.

That's all we know about the whole NEPA process!

Check out the BLM website for the official word and more details.


Poll - Burning Man Earth

What is outlined in red in the 2008 event photo?

Results: Burning Man Reports

Spatial-Ed's Comments to BLM for New Burning Man EA

On-Screen Viewing (Low Resolution, 1.5 MB)

Print Version (High Resolution, 3.5 MB)

Burning Man 2008

Executive Summary (118 KB)

Technical Note (465 KB)

Complete Stipulation Monitoring Report (9.47 MB)

...or Download individual studies from report:

Ch. 1 - Monitoring (1.53 MB)

Ch. 2 - Open Playa (3.08 MB)

Ch. 3 - Airport (851 KB)

Ch. 4 - Signs (648 KB)

Ch. 5 - Hot Springs (223 KB)

Ch. 6 - Perimeter Fence (292 KB)

Ch. 7 - Population (457 KB)

Ch. 8 - Trash Transects (428 KB)

Ch. 9 - PeePeePee (Porta-Potty Placement) (304 KB)

Ch. 10 - Cumulative Effects (1.51 MB)

Monitoring Team (273 KB)

Burning Man 2007

Stipulation Monitoring Report (5.61 MB)

Burning Man 2006

Monitoring the successful clean-up of Uchronia art project

Monitoring Report - Poster, Small (120 KB)

Monitoring Report - Poster, Medium (1.5 MB)

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