Motorcycle Race Routes Report (2009) Print

Route inventory & assessment data analyzed with results and recommendations for travel management planning and the managing race  special recreation permits(SRPs)

The biggest challenge in inventorying motorcycle routes is the high level of riding skill that is needed to access these areas.  The project field staff was comprised of members of the racing community whom possess decades of knowledge and experience both riding and designing courses in Northern Nevada.  Routes were GPS-captured to ensure the accuracy of recorded locations and record trail conditions, area for rehabilitation and other assessment data that could not be obtained from maps or sensed remotely by plane or satellite.

Route Inventory Report


The team drew from its combined decades of experience in course design, race riding, soil and erosion control, land management GIS in making the recommendations to facilitate the management of special recreation permits (SRP) for races.  Collected field data builds upon and enhances existing travel route data from previous efforts dating back to 2005.  This dataset also supports the next route identification and designation steps in the travel management plan.

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      Data & Results

      • 480 miles of motorcycle-accessed routescollected by the 2009 field team
      • Route analysis compiled into a comprehensive report with  recommendations for both  travel management planning and managing race special recreation permits(SRPs)
      • Individual routes and designations to be created in next step of travel management plan
      • Field dataset to be published by route type & suitability


          Chosen  Tools and Their Benefits

          Trimble mobile devices were used to GPS-capture point, line and polygon features and attributes in accordance with the established NV BLM route inventory standard.  Each intersection and route segments of particular interest was recorded with a Ricoh GPS-camera.