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I. Integrated Trimble and ESRI materials … with the added benefit of experience
Vendor manuals and trainings provide resources for only GIS or gps and lack directions on how to move data between the two.  Benefit from our experience solving real-world problems….as we do from them.  When not chained to the computer, we are out in the field collecting data for inventory and monitoring projects.   The old adage that ‘those who do not do, teach” certainly does not apply to Spatial-Ed.

II. Targeted training
Maximize your training time and dollars, our combined classroom time and hands-on field exercises target the rapid acquisition of skills, so you can apply these skills immediately on the job.  We surpass ‘button-pushing classes’ by providing enough background to knowledgably use equipment as field conditions change but avoid getting bogged down in theory.

III. Customized, onsite delivery
Train locally with the same field conditions, GIS datasets, and hardware and software configurations during the course as your own projects.  Training alongside your co-workers also provides for consistent instruction and team building.

IV. Ongoing, personalized support
Our courses are jam-packed with information. Everyone needs more than a few days absorb it all and try out the lessons for yourself.  As part of the ongoing support, we provide additional materials and personalized support via this website, phone or email.

V.  Training you can use…immediately
You will be able to plan for and collect data that you and your manager needs to meet project goals

Come play outside,  explore a range of geospatial toys and learn with us.
Student say our training courses are infinitely better than your average class.

P.S. Don't tell the boss, but….it’s FUN!