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Collect quality field GPS data and create an ArcGIS map

This class is indispensable to anyone seeking to leverage the strengths of ESRI ArcGIS and a mapping grade GPS system.  It is a comprehensive suite of theory, techniques, and hands-on practice to learn to use GPS equipment/software, export collected data, and compose the data in a GIS.  Equipment and software used during the course for project planning and field exercises includes mapping grade GPS receivers, ESRI ArcPad data collection software, Trimble Pathfinder Office or GPS Analyst Extension for data processing, and ESRI ArcGIS to display and analyze data, and create map products.

Session Topics
Pre-Field: Global Positioning System,  datums and coordinate systems, Trimble Pathfinder Office software, data dictionaries, GPS receiver configuration.
Field: Data collection techniques, navigation, hands-on exercises.
Post-Field: Differential correction,  export ESRI shapefiles and/or geodatabase, edit GPS positions, create a GIS map, metadata.

All aspects of a data collection project with ArcPad and GPS Analyst will be covered, including designing a GPS-enabled geodatabase, using GPS Analyst tools for ArcPad, configuring ArcPad & the Trimble GPScorrect extension, field data collection, and processing data with Trimble Pathfinder Office software or GPS Analyst Extension.  GPS Analyst processing includes validation and rebuild settings.

Target Group
Designed to help you get the most out of your mapping system, this class is highly recommended for beginners and anyone who needs a refresher course before the next field season.  Field specialists who are actively involved with GPS data collection and processing. GIS specialists who are involved in spatial data analysis and maintenance.

3-4 days


ArcPad Course Reviews

Great introduction to ArcPad

The instructor is an excellent technical trainer

I thought it was going to be very hard to understand but course materials were explained very well

Very user-friendly instructor

This was a good ArcPad beginner class. You started out very simple and built upon this

I appreciated the hands-on portion immediately after covering the material in the classroom

This was a very well thought out class that covered what needed to be covered in an introductory class

Instructor is great, very knowledgable and explains the big picture before getting into the details

I just need the information reinforced to me so I would remember it – especially on the Juno. You did this by explaining the same information to me a number of times.

Very comprehensive – Showed the whole GPS to GIS process from beginning to end

Instructor was very knowledgeable and concerned each individual has understood skills

Every discussion started a good conversation

Instructor did an outstanding job and always ready and willing to help with questions or remedy a problem

Good balance of timing on all topics

Very nice job explaining and presenting the information

Excellent course, joy to be in the class

Great job instructing – kept the topics on point and spoke in simple terms and language. Timing of each section was good too.

I now realize the capabilities and advantages of ArcPad and its ability to move data between the office and field

I appreciated the organization and clarity

Instructor knowledgeable and enthusiastic


Great technical training

Best 2 days of training ever spent

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