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NOAA Datums Videos 2014

Differential correction with NA2011 and the newest epoch of NAD83

See our and Datums Basics and GPS Tutorials for the long-awaited results of months of rigorous testing and peer review

Trimble Positions software has replaced Trimble GPS Analyst in ArcGIS 10.1

ALASKA GPS and GIS users - check out Joel Cusick's Datum and Projections presentation Feb 2013

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Designed to help you select the LATEST mapping system that are appropriate for YOUR project.

The morning session showcases successful geospatial projects employing mapping grade GPS receivers, GPS-enabled photos and GIS technologies.  It covers project planning, GPS and GIS fundamentals and issues to consider when implementing these tools.   During the afternoon session, a variety of GPS receivers, data loggers, laser range finders, GPS-enabled digital cameras will be available for demonstration and use by participants.

Let us help help you work smarter by incorporating GPS/GIS tools to efficiently reach your project goals.

Workshop Topics
GPS, GIS and Geodatabase basics
Integrated GPS-enabled photos
Interactive maps (ArcReader, GeoPDF, GeoBook) to communicate spatial data with
Geospatial tools and technologies (Laser ranger finder, GPS- cameras)
Workflow and data management issues

Target Audience
This workshop is highly recommended for beginners and anyone getting started with geospatial tools.  Field specialists who will be actively involved with GPS data collection and processing. GIS specialists who will be involved in spatial data analysis and maintenance.

1 day