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NOAA Datums Videos 2014

Differential correction with NA2011 and the newest epoch of NAD83

See our and Datums Basics and GPS Tutorials for the long-awaited results of months of rigorous testing and peer review

Trimble Positions software has replaced Trimble GPS Analyst in ArcGIS 10.1

ALASKA GPS and GIS users - check out Joel Cusick's Datum and Projections presentation Feb 2013

ArcGIS 10.1 - New and Cool improvements see Presentation from Melita Kennedy, ESRI : Projections and Datums Dec 2012

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1   Link   NOAA Datums Videos
NGS Videos on Geodetic Datums

What are Geodetic Datums?
How Were Geodetic Datums Established?
What is the Status of Today's Geodetic Datums?
What's Next for Geodetic Datums?
2   Link   Accuracy, Datums, and Geospatial Data and other Updates
Erik Gakstatter : If you were able to attend the webinar “Nightmare on GIS Street: GNSS Accuracy, Datums and Geospatial Data” held on June 20, thanks for attending. If not, you can view the webinar here. We had a world-class panel of experts discussing the nightmare of accurately combining different sources of geospatial data as well as on-the-fly datum transformations in the field when using high-precision GPS/GNSS receivers.
3   Link   Nightmare on GIS Street
Corresponding Article at

Sponsored by: Hemisphere GNSS
Broadcast Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Moderator: Eric Gakstatter, Survey Scene Newsletter Editor
Speakers: Kevin Kelly, Geodesist, ESRI, Inc.; Craig Greenwald, Technical Director, GeoMobile Innovations; Michael L. Dennis, RLS, PE, Geodesist, NOAA
Summary: A look at the challenge of dealing with horizontal datums in your GIS. We are moving into a new era in dealing with datum transformations. Geodata 2.0 is coming, and it can create big headaches when attempting to combine disparate geospatial databases. Sensors such as GPS receivers, remote sensing imagery, and 3D scanning provide much more accurate data, setting up a collision with outdated and mismatched legacy horizontal datums.

4   Link   NA2011 - National Adjustment 2011
The National Geodetic Survey releases 3 new realizations of NAD83: NAD83(2011), NAD83(PA11) and NAD83(MA11).
5   Link   CORS stations in IGS08 Cordinates, Trimble
IGS08 CORS stations in Trimble Pathfinder Office and GPS Analyst
6   Link   CORS coordinates
CORS sites by NGS, links to older coordinates and .... at the bottom of this page!
- TRANSFORMATION PARAMETERS for adding shifters to ESRI ArcGIS and Trimble Pathfinder Office Coordinate System Manager
7   Link   New & Improved National Spatial Reference System, M Dennis
M Dennis, July 2011
8   Link   ITRS and IGS08
International Terrestrial Reference Frame and its latest realization: International GNSS System
9   Link   IGS08
International GNSS System
10   Link   Reference Systems : 4 easy to digest papers
Straight from THE experts R. Snay and T. Soler, NGS
11   Link   Evolution of WGS84 and NAD83 , Electronic Data Solutions
Hands-on help for TerraSync and ArcPad
12   Link   Major References Systems Compared
NGS presentation re: National Adjustment 2011 (NA2011)
13   Link   Now & the Future of Geodesy in Hawaii for the GIS Users, E Carlson
Ed Carlson, March 2012
14   Link   Datum transformations from Trimble
GPS transformations
15   Link   National Adjustment 2011 (NA2011)
Many presentations designed to educate users on NA2011
16   Link   Nightmare on GIS Street - Part 2
Nightmare on GIS Street - Part 2