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July 2012: Appeal filed for recent BLM-issued Burning Man permit - details here

June 2012: Burning Man 2012 EA finalized by BLM - details here

Spatial-Ed's observations and analysis of impacts for Burning Man 2012 - Burning Thoughts 2012

Home Projects Real-time Monitoring at Burning Man (2006-8, 12)

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Spatial-Ed's observations and analysis of the Burning Man event and impacts to desert


Black Rock DesertThe challenge is not one of how to prevent any human-induced change, but rather one of deciding how much change will be allowed to occur, where, and the actions needed to control it.  

- Stankey, 1985 

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BLM Documents

2012 Final EA - 16.6 MB PDF file

2012 Stipulations - 7 MB PDF file

2012 Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) - 3.5 MB PDF file

2012 Record of Decision (ROD) - 11.8 MB PDF file

2012 Interested Parties Letter - 70 KB PDF file

Spatial-Ed's Comments & Concerns for Burning Man events 2011 and forward

Burning Thoughts 2012

Stipulation Monitoring Reports for Burning Man 2006-08

BM08 (9.47 MB)

BM07 (5.61 MB)

BM06 Poster (1.5 MB)

The NEPA process is designed to fulfill the federal mandate to review all proposed actions on the public lands and meet the BLM mission which is to balance the public's enjoyment of the public lands while protecting the natural resources.

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Real-time event monitoring with GPS-cameras, Trimble mapping & ESRI ArcGIS

This stipulation monitoring project for the Burning Man 2008 features the development of an integrated suite of geospatial tools for real-time monitoring of permit stipulations in this unreal (or is it surreal?) environment.

Special Recreation Permit process (SRP) and documents for Burning Man 



The Burning Man event was first held on the Black Rock Desert in 1990 and has continued since annually. The combination art festival, social event, and experiment in community living starts the Monday before Labor Day and lasts 8 days. Since 1990, the event participation has increased from a few hundred participants to over 50,000 participants in 2010.  Permit fees paid to BLM are 7 digits.  In terms of both the number of users and fees, Burning Man is the largest permitted event on public lands for any US federal agency.  Given the nature of the event activities and the fees involved, it is not surprising that Burning Man commands much public visibility.  It is critical that BLM closely monitor and document compliance with the event permit.

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The playa was pretty wet with water reaching the Burning Man sites as late as June 24th.

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